Hike A Houlagan

Hiking is on hiatus until further notice. Please take care.

WHERE: Powhatan State Park Meet at the first playground/shelter on the right ($5 parking fee)
WHAT:Powhatan State Park - We walk around a relatively flat two mile loop through the park and follow it up with a little one on one time with the dogs.
SIGN-UP:Email: hah@houlagansrest.com or look for the sign-up post on the HaH Facebook Hike a Houlagan on Facebook page
First-timers, please fill out and bring a volunteer application
Please note that service hours are not available via the HaH program

HaH (really, that's a fitting acronym) will build confidence for dogs who need it to reconnect with folks. This isn't about strict obedience classes. It's about leash walking a rescue on a trail, maintaining control of the dog, gently correcting the dog (c'mon, you know they will be excited to trot, leap, gambol, sniff - it's like walking a furry game fish), praising the dog, and helping the pup move forward.

Ok. You're feeling a little adventurous, "Sign me up for that cruise!" Email Houlagans. We'll send you an application to volunteer (No, it's not a big deal!). You will need to sign a waiver (hiking can be dangerous). You will need to sign a statement that you have never been convicted of animal cruelty under any animal statute (Meanies beware and it's the law). You will need hiking shoes (four footers can make two footers feel clumsy!).

Finally, you will need to guard your heart. There are hopeful, eager pups waiting for one-on-one time with a person. They lean in to gentle touches. They lock onto kind eyes. They romp around when a kindred romper offers fellowship.

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